Search the Web with DuckDuckGo and Support Op V




Make it Your Homepage and/or Add it to Your Phone’s Home Screen

The success of Op V does not only depend on our activism and reporting. Being and staying a relevant movement also requires that we are part of people’s daily lives. By having our own internet search page we can tap into people’s search activity every day without having anyone spending money on advertising or on buying a product in order to promote our movement.

When you use a PC or laptop, set our search page as your browser’s homepage. Every time you start your browser you will go to the Op V search page where you can search the web with DuckDuckGo.

When you use your phone, use our search page through a shortcut on your phone’s home screen or make it your browser’s homepage. Use our search page to search the web instead of using the Google search engine that is becoming the standard search engine for more and more phones.

Tell Your Family, Friends and Co-Workers

Share our search page with the people you care about. You don’t have to sell a product to them or collect donations from them for us, in order to help us grow our movement.

Invite everyone to make our search page their browser’s homepage.

The more people who use our search page, the more reach we eventually have worldwide as a movement.

Why DuckDuckGo

We believe that Google is much too powerful on the internet. We don’t believe in, nor do we support, monopolies. Especially when we know that Google’s growing market share is being acquired through invasive and often secretive practices. This includes spying on people who use the Google Chrome browser and Google’s profiling of those who use their search engine.

By working with the DuckDuckGo search engine on our search page we protest against Google’s expanding empire that is helping to install a global control and spy grid in the world.