Frequently Asked Questions

What is Op V?

Op V is an international movement against the COVID-19 tyranny and the “Great Reset” dystopia.

COVID-19 tyranny refers to the oppressive measures and policies that governments around the world are imposing, allegedly to stop the COVID-19 “pandemic“, but which are based on lies, on deception and on the greed of wealth-hording politicians, mega corporations and their mechanisms for social engineering, such as the World Economic Forum and the United Nations.

The Great Reset dystopia is the society envisioned by the World Economic Forum. A society where no middle class businesses exist. The Great Reset is the 4th industrial revolution society where everyone will be tracked and enslaved through an elaborate global control grid that is owned and operated by “a new world order behind closed doors.”

How Can I Join Op V?

Op V is not a movement that you can ‘officially’ join.

When you are fighting against the global COVID-19 tyranny, when your mission is to dismantle the Great Reset society, then we invite you to join others in the streets, in schools, in companies, in shopping malls, on social media platforms and on forums when they discuss and resist this tyranny and this Great Reset prison planet.

When you see Op V banners in the street, stand shoulder to shoulder with the ones who carry the banners. When you see people wearing Op V gear, t-shirts, caps etc go talk to those people, they are fighting the same fights as you are.

Start your own Op V Facebook group, start your own Op V social media account for the people in your neighborhood or for like-minded people that you chat with or mingle with.

Bring people together. Be a bridge between people who seemingly can’t get along together, while in fact they are fighting against the very same tyranny and prison planet. Remind people that their political or religious division is highly likely the result of political parties, governments and lobby groups their divide-and-conquer tactics that are only devised to pit different groups against each other, because evil people can only thrive when there is social disruption and chaos.

Print and display Op V posters and banners on the window(s) of your house or apartment.

Create tactical media campaigns and tools to grab the public’s attention. Tactical media is generally described as “interventionist media art practices that engage and critique the dominant political and economic order. Rather than taking to the streets, the practitioners of tactical media engage in an aesthetic politics of disruption, intervention, and education.”

Ultimately, resist the global COVID-19 tyranny  and the Great Reset dystopia by peacefully defending your personal dignity, sanity and rights – and the dignity, sanity and rights of others.

Who Created Op V and Who Manages the Op V Website?

Op V was created by Koen Jacobs, a Belgian activist and investigative journalist, who also operates the website.

Can I Donate to Op V?

You sure can and we need all the support we can get.

Donating doesn’t mean that you can only provide financial support for our campaigns and infrastructure.

When you have accommodation for Op V activists, help them.

When you have a special skill or a talent, use it to bring Op V into the lives of people. Locally and globally.

When you can print the Op V logo on banners, flyers, stickers, t-shirts and other gear and campaign tools, please do so. Distribute what you create, either for free or by selling it. Keep all the profits if there are any.

Organize town hall meetings, forums and gatherings to discuss the messages that Op V puts out.

Be Op V!