Israel’s UN Ambassador Gave Israel Lobby Groups $7-Million to Fight BDS, Violating Federal Law

Reports in The Forward and the Israeli media watchdog, 7th Eye, reveal that the Israeli government offered millions in funding to pro-Israel groups in the U.S. in violation of U.S. law. A number of groups approached by the Israeli ministry of strategic affairs refused the funding, believing it would label them as propaganda agents on behalf of a foreign nation. But many groups had no compunctions and readily took the cash in return for promoting Israeli interests in the U.S.

Operation Warpspeed, Covid-19 Vaccination, PsyopQ

In early April 2020, the administration of President Donald Trump announced Operation Warp Speed, a flagship federal initiative to fast-track the development of drugs to combat the novel coronavirus. The US government has so far invested more than $5bn in more some 30 research projects for the development of vaccines, diagnostics and treatments.

16 Million Americans Have Canceled Plans to Go to College

The biggest reasons given were fears over contracting COVID-19 and not being able to afford college given the economic disruption caused by the pandemic. Students from families that earn less than $75,000 a year are more than twice as likely to have canceled college plans this semester. (Editor’s note: That’s another 16 million people who will be forced into the “Great Reset” social program. These people will likely never break free from the economic tyranny and, thus, will be dependent on digital government handouts for the rest of their lives. “Take your vaccine and wear a mask or no food credits for you this month.”)