Having Signed the Abraham Accord, Will the Governments of the UAE and Bahrain Also Support the Construction of the Third Temple?

For the Abraham Accords to be of true value in the Middle East, and indeed throughout the world, it stands to reason that eventually the governments of Bahrain and the UAE will also support the construction of the Third Temple. (Editor’s note: And then people say that I’m crazy when I published this report: “Death Cult Symbolism: A “Pandemic”, ‘World Peace’ and the Wicked.” They actually SAY that the Third Temple is part of the plan. How much more evidence does one need???)

Partners in crime: Are Abbas, Hamas and Israel united against Palestinian elections?

if elections are to take place, Diliani says the reformist faction that he represents and that is headed by the self-exiled Mohammed Dahlan is set to win “big time”. Diliani is not deterred by the fact that Dahlan, who is currently living in the United Arab Emirates, has not been around for years following a dispute with Abbas and is not perceived as currently part of the Palestinian leadership. “This is exactly the point. Palestinians don’t want anyone from the current system. They want them all out. They want a change. Dahlan and Barghouti have similar goals and that’s why it doesn’t really matter who takes the lead, as long as they get us out of the mess Abbas and Hamas have gotten us in.”

Netanyahu: Israel lockdown may last for another year

“Exiting the lockdown will be slow and gradual this time, and could last even half a year to a year,” the Israeli premier said.”We will not repeat the rapid exit that we did in the first wave [of COVID-19],” he said. (Editor’s note: Netanyahu’s Death Cult obviously has different intentions than he has so far revealed. I bet he wants to turn this into a depopulation campaign in Gaza, mark my words.)

Israel Establishes Secret Gulf Intelligence Bases

After the recent normalization of relations between Israel and the UAE, both states are eyeing a base on the Yemeni island of Socotra. According to a Turkish report, the Yemeni tribal chief of the island told a Syrian media outlet about a recent joint visit by a senior Israeli-UAE intelligence delegation tasked with choosing sites for a new military intelligence base.

Governments of UAE and Bahrain Understand that the Future Lies in Israel

By 2030 Israel will be the ‘Wall Street’ of technology, the ‘City of London’ of innovation and the main agora for world diplomacy. All the signs are there. Governments, not just in Arab nations, are preparing themselves for these major shifts. That is why the Abraham Accords were drafted and signed. The whole world will revolve around Israeli expertise and diplomacy. (Editor’s note: Keep your eye on this one, this insane “Israel 2030” campaign might become a global thing. Imagine people actually supporting this vile narrative…)