Swedish Public Transport Company: “Show Collective Courage, Look Away When Someone Needs Help”

By Koen Jacobs for Op V

Update: Someone from Sweden has sent us a message saying that the poster is from a new campaign by SL, but is indeed a campaign that builds further on the November 2019 campaign.

In November 2019, just when the plandemic was picking up speed – after the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Johns Hopkins and the World Economic Forum had hosted Event 201, a “high-level” pandemic exercise (simulation) that Bill Gates says never happened – Stockholm Public Transport (SL – Storstockholms Lokaltrafik) launched a campaign encouraging travelers not to help people who are in need while traveling on SL’s public transportation infrastructure.

Brochures and posters were distributed throughout Stockholm:

The brochure or poster above states: “Show collective courage. Look away. Chat with our security center when someone needs help, disturbs or destroys. The chat is available in the SL-app and on sl.se.”

That the brochure and campaign are bizarre is the least that we can say about them. Looking back, it seems that SL was aware of the prison planet agenda that would be rolled out around the world only a few months later when the World Health Organization would declare the plandemic a global “pandemic” and when the World Economic Forum would launch its “Great Reset” agenda.

SL’s campaign, according to Swedish analysts, is part of a broader political agenda that seeks to create a full-fledged police state in Sweden.

This campaign by SL was launched to give the false impression that there is a need for more police officers in the streets, on public transportation and in other public areas.

The “look away” slogan is clearly intended to make people indifferent to others, further implying that only the government and the police are there to guarantee your safety and security. All the while people can in most cases stand up for themselves perfectly, especially when they help each other. But of course, that’s not what the Death Cult wants.

That the Swedish government is not on the people’s side, also when it concerns ‘the COVID vaccine’, can be concluded from its support for Bill Gates his COVAX scam. Together with the German government the Swedish government has offered 1 billion dollars to COVAX.

Earlier, Stefan Löfven, Sweden’s prime minister, stated that “fair access to the Covid-19 vaccine is a key to fighting the virus and starting to rebuild the post-pandemic world.” All the while it is known already that COVID-19 vaccines will not be safe and will not be effective.