“Michigan Kidnapping Plot” Being Linked to Qanon

By Koen Jacobs for Op V

At Op V we have repeatedly warned people about the fact that Qanon is a psyop. Most of its followers refuse to see the dangers of being associated with this cult. Not because truths are revealed but because the whole psyop is meant to permanently isolate the True Resistance and that’s when people’s lives will be on the line. People will get injured (or worse) when they get caught up in the middle and don’t know whose side they are actually fighting on.

Have it your way then… But don’t come crying and complaining because there will be no shoulders to cry on for you at Op V. Sorry.

Here’s the Washington Post today in one of their articles about the alleged plot by ‘right-wing extremists’ to “kidnap” Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer (which may very well be a completely separate psyop):

“There’s the Twitter account that apparently belongs to another suspect, Barry Croft, ranting about immigrants, praising President Trump and calling for the prosecution of Trump’s onetime Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton. One image featured by the account shows a young man draped in ammunition and cradling a rifle in his hands. Croft also appears to have an account on a small social media site devoted to spreading QAnon, the right-wing conspiracy theory.

So what’s going on here? Because the “Wolverine Militia” and the Boogaloo movement are not what they appear to be.

It is said that the Boogaloo movement is a right-wing movement that is working towards a civil war in the US against ‘leftists’ (Antifa et al). Of course that is not true because so-called “right-wing” militias, Antifa and Black Olives Matter actually walk side by side in the streets, literally.



It’s a fact that a civil war is brewing in the US and most of Qanon followers have no idea what they are involved in. People are going to die, children will be left without a father, a mother or without parents altogether.

Do you really want to be associated with this cult while knowing that you too will have blood on your hands? As a Qanon follower, or cultist, all this time you have been advancing the agenda of those who have been pitting you against anyone they deem useful at any given moment.

At this point it is clear that the news media and the governments are trying to frame this situation very deceptively. It’s not going to be the right vs the left. It’s going to be ‘anti-government extremists and terrorists’ vs the governments and its minions (in simple terms, those people who buy into the ‘official’ COVID-19 story).

This is how this war is going to be framed and those people who get their “news” from the TV and newspapers will believe that everyone who’s not following the orders and rules are evil and are a danger to society.

This is what they, the Death Cult, have been working towards all this time. The evidence is right there, staring you in the face. We’ve been telling you this all along.

Antifa and Black Olives Matter first needed to be propped up, so that they would be household names. Now they are. The right-wing also needed to be propped up first, through infotainment tools such as Qanon, Infowars, Alex Jones etc etc.

That has been achieved. Now it is time for the puppeteers to throw it all on one pile while there is massive infighting and real hatred towards the opposing side.

The Death Cult needs to do it like this because only in this way does a planned global genocide actually have a chance. Exterminating only the right-wing rebellion will result in the left-wing rebellion still standing. That’s not what they want in the “Great Reset” society. They don’t want ANY rebellion at all.

If you are involved in Qanon, BLM, Antifa and anything else like that, get out. Don’t give the news media, the governments and the Death Cult the pleasure of fulfilling their agenda and “prophecy“.

Stop fighting each other and aim your information arrows at the Death Cult instead. You all want to get rid of tyranny and racism, right? Then fight the enemies that we all have in common, even if you were not aware of them until today. The left’s enemy is not the right, it’s Benjamin Netanyahu’s neo-revisionist  zionist Death Cult. Conservatives’ enemies are not the liberals, it’s Netanyahu’s Death Cult that controls ‘the liberals’ (and ‘the conservatives’). African people are not the enemy of the “whites”, it’s the Death Cult that manipulates both sides.

This is so easy to understand, yet also this warning will be in vain for most of you people out there because most of you refuse to acknowledge the truth and the reality that we live in.

Break away from whatever paradigm you are entangled in. Don’t give them the pleasure of being able to use you too against anyone they want you to fight against.

Today we can clearly see that none of this makes any sense anymore. We have Qanon cultists aligning themselves with Antifa cultists and they don’t even know that they are doing so by design.