“Firestorm: The Actual Corona Unrest Will Break Out After the Pandemic,” Claims a Mainstream Publication

By Koen Jacobs for Op V

The following has been translated from the original German-language article by Cüneyt Yilmaz for DWN. DWN is a publication owned by the Bonnier Group, a European mainstream media conglomerate.

According to a study, it is very likely that the time after the corona pandemic will be accompanied by serious unrest and riots because people have been robbed of their livelihoods. Politics and the media will sooner or later throw sand in the eyes of citizens in order to channel their displeasure against political or ethnic minorities – and thus protect themselves. Germany and Europe are at a crossroads.

It is very important that you share this with everyone because in general it confirms the insights that we have been offering at Op V.

Now no one can say “I didn’t know that!” That excuse is no longer acceptable after today – if it ever was at all!!

Below this article I will also include the 9-Stage Genocide report that I wrote on March 6, 2020 and that I subsequently updated as more information became available.

That is also why I am furious at the (fake) alternative media outlets that keep validating the overall mainstream narrative about the plandemic and the PCR tests. Instead they should be reporting about the actual information wars that are going on and the evil agendas that are being rolled out behind the scenes. All stuff that I have already explained in great detail at Op V.

“Firestorm”: The Actual Corona Unrest Will Break Out After the Pandemic

Cüneyt Yilmaz – A group of Italian researchers has published a study (“COVID-19 and the possible consequences for social stability“), which comes to worrying results. A comparison is made between the current corona pandemic and past pandemics and epidemics – but only with regard to their social and societal effects.

The “social and psychological unrest that results from the epidemic” displaces any social conflict before the epidemic, “but at the same time they form the fertile ground on which global protest can more aggressively resurrect after the end of the epidemic,” according to the researchers . But this is exactly what [DWN] had pointed out in an analysis long before the publication of this study.

“Epidemics can also sow other seeds for conflict. During and after the plague of 1665 in London there were arguments that the disease was attributed to the filth of the poor. The suspicion that the irresponsible behavior of the poor caused cholera was widespread among British authorities in India during the first cholera epidemic (1817-1824). In the second cholera epidemic, many of the higher echelons viewed the habits and even the morals of the poor as a source of dirt. As a result, public health measures were perceived as discriminatory,” the authors say.

Pandemics and epidemics are very well suited to abuse minorities as scapegoats (example: “Black Death”). According to the study: “During the second cholera epidemic in the US, the contagion was linked to recent immigration and to African Americans. There was a growing belief in the West that cholera was Asian, which proved that Asia was harmful. In India, the British belief that cholera stems from the barbaric superstitions and traditions of Hindu pilgrims sparked an extensive program of westernization. In sharp contrast to local customs and practices, these policies laid the foundation for resentment that led to the first war of independence two decades later. Another example comes from the plague of 1771 in Moscow. According to Hays (2005), the belief that the disease originated in Ottoman Turkey reinforced the xenophobic sentiments that supported the policy of aggression against Turkey. “

[DWN] had also pointed out this danger of political abuse of minorities by politics in an article. It is more than just conceivable that the elites channel the resentment of the population against ethnic – but also against critical political minorities [e.g. the True Resistance, “conspiracy theorists”, “anti-vaxxers”,…] in order to divert attention from the loss of prosperity that has been triggered by government policy. Federal President [of Germany] Frank-Walter Steinmeier announced in May 2020 that there will be a loss of prosperity when he said: “It is true that time will not pass us by without a trace. We will give up some of the jointly developed prosperity.”

For the media and political elites (and members of the federal government?) the capital Berlin should be the starting point for implementing the “scapegoat theory”. The psychological code words “extended families” and “wedding parties”, but also “corona deniers”, could be aggressively used in order to carry out a skillful mass psychological manipulation. But before the spectacle can take place, the corona measures in the winter season must be so severe that the unsuspecting citizens are completely traumatized. Only then do people become completely soulless.

For example, at the beginning of the pandemic in China, black people were hunted down in the city of Guangzhou after the Chinese media had accused black people that they had spread the corona virus because of their carelessness.

The researchers state: “Overall, the historical evidence shows that pandemics and epidemics have a potential disruptive effect on civil society in three dimensions. First, policies tend to create a gap between society and institutions. Second, to the extent that a pandemic affects society differently in terms of mortality and economic well-being, it can exacerbate inequality. Third, the psychological shock can generate irrational narratives about the causes and spread of the disease, which can lead to social discrimination, racial discrimination, and even xenophobia. In any case, most of the great epidemics of the past appear to have been, to varying degrees, incubators of social unrest. “

The study looked at the social and economic impact of five cholera epidemics. The phases of the uprising ten years before and ten years after an epidemic were then examined. It was found that ten years before the respective epidemics there were 39 unrests of an insurgent nature. But ten years after the respective epidemics, 71 riots were recorded.

Countries and societies that are strictly organized according to ethnic or political-ideological boundaries are particularly vulnerable. The researchers mention that a pandemic or epidemic inevitably makes a country’s economic surplus shrink. Within such a constellation, the elites tend to snag this residual surplus for themselves. This in turn leads to the fact that the total surplus resulting from the added value no longer benefits society as a whole. This harbors enormous social explosives.

“One consequence of our main assumptions, which mainly focus on the short- and medium-term consequences of epidemics on social stability, is that repression tends to become more likely,” say the researchers.

Protest movements are then seen as gatherings that warrant immediate action. Justification is reinforced by fear of contagion, a high tolerance for government surveillance measures and the approval of prosecution measures against persons who violate the applicable rules.

“Looking to the 19th century, the anger that arose during the cholera epidemic in Paris in 1831 was not resolutely suppressed by the weak King Louis Philippe. This may have boosted the confidence of the revolutionary movements that exploded in 1848,” the study says.

So, maybe it is possible to predict the societal impact of this current pandemic, or as the study’s authors put it, “We can form an informed opinion about the potential impact of COVID-19 on protest initiatives and future social unrest by looking at the major plagues of the past. “

Also read and view:

The 9-Stage Genocide

By Koen Jacobs

During the past decades the Death Cult has been planning a global genocide through medical tyranny and technological enslavement. Its plan to take control of the world follows these 9 stages.

1. Classification

People are divided into ‘them and us’: People who get smeared as “anti-Semites” and those who do the smearing.

People are divided into ‘them and us’: People who expose the COVID19 plandemic and those who blindly comply with the oppression, the medical tyranny and the dehumanization.

2. Symbolization

Through the news media and the various government agencies, “anti-Semites” are profiled as conspiracy theorists, flat earthers, truthers, neo-nazis, holocaust deniers, climate change deniers, anti-vaxxers, incels, racists, super spreaders, covidiots, lone wolf terrorists etc.

3. Polarization

Government agencies, politicians, think tanks, influencers, hate groups, controlled opposition groups, coopted alternative media outlets and publications, lobbyists, organizations and cryptos (people who secretly belong to or support a political party, sect or other group) broadcast polarizing propaganda in a controlled-opinions spectrum.

A controlled-opinions spectrum is a spectrum of allowed yet strongly opposing views, opinions and propaganda. For instance, You can say that 9/11 was perpetrated by “Muslim terrorists” or by the US government (inside job) but you are not allowed to say that 1 WTC, 2 WTC and 7 WTC were destroyed through controlled demolitions that were executed by Benjamin Netanyahu’s neo-revisionist zionist death cult (which is in fact the truth).

Populations and groups are pitted against each other to create chaos and division. Most people, however, have no idea about the extent of the information wars that they are being exposed to and are involved in. That is exactly why most people in the alternative media audience still do not understand that their “heroes” are either manufactured (Snowden, Assange,…) or that their favorite alt media websites and “leaders” are gullible proxies – often without them even understanding this themselves.

A current prime example of this extremely toxic information warfare is the psychological operation known as Qanon. Millions believe that Qanon is some kind of beacon for hope, transparency and truth, while in reality it is an advanced attack on the True Resistance. The millions who blindly consume and support the Qanon propaganda are in, in fact, being used to sabotage the True Resistance. Something I have been saying all along.

4. Discrimination

Laws and cultural power exclude groups from full civil rights: Segregation, apartheid laws, denial of voting rights, denial of economic rights, limiting the right to travel and move freely, denial of medical freedom, limiting freedom of speech and expression.

Laws are already being passed that make it illegal to:

  • Criticize the Israeli government
  • Support the boycott, divestment, sanctions (BDS) movement
  • Question the mainstream COVID19 narratives
  • Refuse COVID19 vaccines
  • Expose the truth about the dangers of these vaccines

The targets, see Stage 2, are being censored on the internet in various ways. From social media sites terminating user accounts or blocking user content to private websites and people simply vanishing almost overnight for no other reason than having an own world view that is opposed to enslavement and oppression in all its forms.

In addition, the True Resistance is deprived of its resources, incomes and livelihoods. Because of the extremely toxic narratives and attacks on the True Resistance people refuse to donate to actual rebel outposts (such as Op V) and instead donate to fools who claim that the “deep state” has a child trafficking colony on planet Mars, who peddle Qanon propaganda and flat Earth and lizard people theories.

5. Dehumanization

Groups deny the humanity of other groups. People are equated with, for instance, animals, vermin, insects or diseases.

In February 2020, hunting season was, not so figuratively, opened with the launch of Hunters (2020 TV series). A parody of alleged real-life nazi hunters in the 1970s.

Especially the series its depicted TV show, “Why Does Everyone Hate the Jews?“, which is reminiscent of the Hunger Games films their depicted public spectacles, clearly serves as a tool for conditioning (programming) the perception of the general public. That it is OK to demonize, dehumanize and “hunt” the targets (Stage 2).

In 2019 the phrases “covidiot” (covid idiot) and “super spreader” were aggressively injected into the collective (public) conscience, triggering an unwarranted global hysteria.

As a result, people who refuse to participate in the ‘face mask ritual’ or who refuse to comply with the ridiculous COVID-19 ‘health regulations’ and COVID-19 laws are ridiculed in public, fined and put in jail.

6. Organization

Genocide is always organized. Special army units or militias are often trained and armed. Victims are identified and separated out because of their ethnic or religious identity or their political views.

People are targeted by government-funded and sectarian agents and groups of agents. They are profiled, harassed, attacked and snatched.

Spies, dubious hacker brigades and agent provocateurs infiltrate and disrupt real grassroots uprisings. Psychological operations such as Qanon are being run to further isolate the True Resistance.

Indeed, the targets are profiled and isolated, communication has already become much harder online, because they do not believe in the Death Cult its new religion, which includes the normalization of “foster parents” having sex with their foster child and the construction of the “Third Temple” in Jerusalem.

The other units that are being trained are the medical staff and the local government officials who are supposed to help enforce the so-called mandatory COVID-19 vaccination programs that are being rolled out around the world.

Live exercises like the 2019-2020 coronavirus “pandemic” are run to streamline future mass arrests and mass snatchings. The targets have to be taken out, that is the mindset of the Death Cult, and a virus outbreak is a perfect cover for letting people, the real dissenters, disappear (in quarantine facilities for instance).

7. Persecution

Illegal arrests, secret courts, expropriation, murder, forced displacement, ghettos, concentration camps, quarantine facilities, public ridicule in the news and in the streets. These are the tools and mechanisms that the Death Cult uses to instill hate against the real dissenters, in order to make them disappear with the public’s approval.

8. Extermination

It is ‘extermination’ to the Death Cult because its members do not believe that their victims are fully human or have the right to live. The extermination is attempted through medical tyranny (forced vaccinations), assassinations and mass murder.

9. Denial

The Death Cult denies that it has committed any crimes.

George Orwell’s “Memory Hole” comes to mind. The snatching, oppression and enslavement never happened. History gets rewritten (if we let them get away with it).

“Fact checkers” are sent out to tie up any loose ends.