This is What’s Wrong with Alternative Media Outlets Reporting About the COVID-19 Scam

By Koen Jacobs for Op V

Never mind that we are telling you exactly how things are going, what exactly the agendas are. While we are taking the fight to the frontlines, ridiculous ‘alternative media outlets’ like Mint Press News continue to parrot stupid COVID propaganda that actually supports the Death Cult’s global ritual. There’s no hope for the True Resistance if this amateurish reporting will go on and on.

“Amazon reveals over 20,000 employees likely contracted COVID”, ‘reports’ Mint Press News.

NEWSFLASH everyone, whatever the numbers are that you give, they are completely USELESS and MEANINGLESS. PCR tests are not what you use to CONFIRM a disease. How many times do we have to repeat this same line?

On top of that, by publishing such rubbish, like Mint Press News does, the plandemic narrative actually gets validated by those who are supposed to shred the plandemic lies.

When you say, as an ‘alternative’ news outlet, that Amazon has revealed 20,000 COVID infections you are actually saying that PCR tests are the gold standard – and you are saying that the mainstream media is actually NOT lying to the whole world.

Don’t you fucking get that!!?? When will you actually start paying attention? When will it get through your thick stupidly retarded skull that the whole thing is a FRAUD??????!!!!!

I would have more respect for you all if you would just admit that you either are not capable of waging the real information wars – or are a fake resistance outpost – instead of PRETENDING that you’re some kind of lighthouse for truth and  rebellion.

Just say it like it is. Say you’re a paid front for the Death Cult or say that you’re incompetent. Stop making your readers and followers go round and round in circles. You stupid retards! You are part of the problem and are definitely an enemy of the people MINT PRESS NEWS!

Fuck off with your crap!!