Jesse Kline (National Post) Speechless After His “Conspiracists” ‘Article’

If you don’t know what this is about:

National Post: “How Conspiracists Could Prolong the Pandemic – Possibly Indefinitely” 

In the past days we haven’t heard anything from Jesse, after he published his National Post ‘article’, all the while people on Twitter are trying to start a conversation with him… Well, kinda…

Helen: Vaccine companies have zero liability for errors or harm caused. Only Quebec has a compensation program. The flu shot killed .6% of people over 65 during clinical trials. That death rate exceeds the actual illness. Why do we need a vaccine for this Microbe?

frankie chase: I’ve had it up to my bloody eyeballs with the National Post and their ill advised sycophant reporters all pumping the same government and corporate slants. I’ve been a subscriber for many years, but have had just about enough of their spoon fed they think we’re idiots?

Hilyfaith: Wow your article sounds like the conspiracy theory Jesse! If you’d like some education on how ineffective masks are i would be happy to send you 42 peer review scientific studies that point this out. Please show us any science to back up your garbage articles claims.

frankie chase: Subscription is going to be CANCELLED! That’s it. Can’t take the BS reporting another minute.

John Collison: Everyone who disagrees with you is a crackpot conspiracy theorist. How terribly scientifically minded of you.

Chipper: What BS. Always blaming the critical thinkers. Stop with your nonsensical script reading. Do some investigative journalism into the harm that vaccines cause. 4 billion dollars paid out to the vaccine injured in the US. Just the tip of the iceberg too.

NoVictimNoCrime: Trash article. Contrary to what you propagandists believe, slapping a “conspiracy theory” label on something doesn’t discredit the very valid points the protestors have.

John Hansen: Is it true that the 4 vaccine companies that make all 72 doses on the US CDC vaccine schedule are convicted felons that have paid over $35,000,000,000 USD (that’s 35 billion dollars) in fines in the last 11 years for fraud and criminal activity?

Alex Giorgio: Expert medical and scientific expertise (of which this article is lacking) is now a conspiracy theory? Wow!

ont_taxpayer_watch: I have officially cancelled my national post newspaper. Don’t need more unifor BS

Freedom Bloc: Well, there’s no crisis without a scapegoat, eh? There may be conspiracy theorists among those who question the current situation, but if it drags on, it won’t be because of them. This article is unbecoming of a serious journalist.

Helen: Agreed. @nationalpost a retraction is in order.

floogler: The pandemic’s over bruh. You’re going to try to keep the hysteria going by creating Emmanuel Goldsteins? Lol.

floogler: This shit reminds me of the anti-terror hysteria in the 2000s… just a pretext for the government to gain more powers.

Lauren Elizabeth: Some headline. Is Tam, Fauci, the WHO conspiracy theorists? All have declared masks unhelpful at one point or another. April 6, the WHO said healthy ppl don’t need to wear masks to prevent the spread.
& let us not forget good ‘ol National Post itself!

Karen Selick: Aren’t you embarrassed by this? You should be. You’ve got your head in the sand, man. It’s the state you should fear, not some fake virus for which the preponderance of positive tests are false positives.

Tina Mackiewicz: Your serious lol get your head outta your ass ughhhhhhhh your worse than the fake virus
The research is there. Nice cover up.