Austrian Doctor Loses Medical License After Issuing Face Mask Exemptions

By Koen Jacobs for Op V

Dr Peer Eifler

Last Thursday, October 1, the house of Dr. Peer Eifler, an occupational physician and medical psychotherapist from Bad Ausee, Austria, was raided by local police after the Austrian Medical Association (OAK) revoked his medical license the previous day.

Since the beginning of what the Austrian government calls the “global pandemic“, Eifler has been issuing face mask exemption certificates to patients who requested such documents.

Eifler is described as the first doctor in Austria who stood up against the draconian and unnecessary COVID-19 measures imposed by the Austrian government.

Those who received a face mask exemption certificate from Eifler on or before September 30 are still covered by the certificates.

In response Eifler posted the following update on his website and Facebook page:

“You can’t sit and get up at the same time.

The consequence of getting up was that my doctor’s license was revoked.

For the time being I am not allowed to issue any mask exemption certificates because doctors who really help people and want to keep them healthy are not wanted by the medical association.

Of course, we don’t give up and appeal!

When injustice becomes right, resistance becomes duty and obedience becomes a crime!

Let’s get up together!”