BlackRock-ECB Cartel’s “Digital Euro” is an Easy to Prove Deception

Most people keep denying it while the evidence should encourage them to pay attention

By Koen Jacobs for Op V

When you read statements by ECB ‘officials’ you’d think that the implementation of a digital euro is still far away. You’re wrong! On September 22, 2020 the ECB trademarked “digital euro”, through its representative Bock Legal.

This means that an official “digital euro” will be introduced before the end of 2025.

But here’s the deception…

When the ECB lends ‘money’ to banks, it doesn’t use physical cash, it just creates some digital numbers on a computer screen and transfers those numbers into an account that a bank has at the ECB. The actual ‘money’ was never there and the ECB has never proven that it actually has anything tangible that guarantees the value of its euro currency.

So far, no one has been able to confirm what the physical assets are that the ECB claims it holds. No one has confirmed with actual photos and video footage that there even is, for instance, a single bar of gold in the ECB’s vaults, gold that is actually owned by the ECB. It’s all make-believe.

This means that there already is much more digital currency in circulation than there is actual physical cash, tangible euros. This proves that the digital euro already exists and has been widely used for at least the past 2 decades.

When the ECB, now, talks about the “digital euro”, it is not talking about the ‘money’ I previously explained. It is talking about what BlackRock calls “going direct”.

The “digital euro” that the ECB talks about is an other currency – not the actual physical euro and not the ‘money’ it already creates out of thin air – that will enable the ECB, and thus the EU, to start handing out ‘money’ ‘for free’ to the people living in the EU communist bloc.

Of course, this free money will have strings attached to it.

When you lost your job or business during the 2019-2020 plandemic, for instance, you will only receive your ‘free money’ when you get a COVID-19 vaccine and when you download and install the tracking software that the EU will make available, so it can record every move you make, every place you go, every interaction that you have with other people.

Yesterday, the ECB said it will hold public consultations on the idea of a digital euro with citizens, academics and bankers.

Please tell me. At what point did your government, when you live in the EU communist bloc, inform you about these ‘digital euro consultations’? I bet you never even heard of these supposedly planned ‘consultations’.

Last week the ECB said that it would hold these public consultations for 3 months, starting October 12, 2020. Assuming that these public ‘consultations’ will actually happen, Op V is now preparing a campaign that everyone living in the EU communist bloc MUST participate in.

We need to crush this deception right from the start, as soon as the public ‘consultations’ begin.

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