‘Green Fascists’ Calling for “Climate Lockdowns” as They Ignore the Truth about Nuclear Power

By koen Jacobs for Op V

With the COVID-19 scam being fully exposed and on its way to Psyop Graveyard, the Death Cult is calling on its green fascist minions to provide backup.

For two weeks now articles and videos have been circulating on the internet that discuss “climate lockdowns” as a way to ‘fight climate  change’. I find the timing strange, even suspicious. And for good reasons.

It turns out that Al Gore has been campaigning aggressively the whole month of September, promoting his “Climate Trace” project. With Climate Trace he wants to track global emissions worldwide in real-time. Obviously, this is part of the 5G-6G control grid that is being built.

So, that is why we’ve been seeing these “climate lockdowns” articles and videos emerge. One plus one is still two.

Renewable Energy

Al Gore and his green fascist minions, as well as the Extinction Rebellion cult of doom, all want the entire planet to switch to ‘renewable energy’, claiming that solar power and wind energy are the only feasible solutions for Earth’s climate that has been changing for literally billions of years.

Here’s the reality about their proposed ‘renewable energy’.

Wind turbines and solar panel installations have to be replaced roughly every 25 years. This results in massive piles of waste that no one really knows how to process afterwards. It just sits there.

Think of the enormous logistical undertaking every 25 years to replace all the solar panels and wind turbines in the world that are supposed to supply the entire planet with electricity. Think about the massive amount of fossil fuel that is required to produce, process, ship and haul all those solar panels and wind turbines. You get the picture, right?

Nuclear Energy

In stark contrast, nuclear power plants can run up to 60 years before they are decommissioned. Nuclear power plants are also much more efficient when they produce electricity. Nothing beats nuclear power. Not coal, not diesel, not wind and not solar. Nothing.

Most of the nuclear power plants today only use about 10% of the nuclear fuel that they process. The remaining 90% of that nuclear fuel is stored, which the green fascists call “nuclear waste”. What they don’t tell you, of course, is that 100% closed-loop nuclear power plants use literally 100% of the nuclear fuel. Such power plants are not novel and Russia and other countries want to build more of them around the world.

It is estimated that the world has 50 to 100 years of nuclear fuel available, this includes the ore that still has to be mined.

This 50 to 100 years is based on nuclear power plants that only use 10% of the fuel. A simple calculation will tell us how long society can actually rely on nuclear full when all nuclear power plants are 100% closed-loop installations.

10% = 50-100 years.

100% = 500-1,000 years.

I would like to see how any solar or wind installations can accomplish this. Now remember, such installations would have to be replaced at least TWICE every 60 years.

Have the green fascists come up with any predictions and “models” that explain how much energy will be wasted and how much ’emissions’ that would produce when they replace all solar and wind energy installations in the world? Even once in 25 years from now, assuming that the entire planet would switch to solar and wind energy tomorrow. And what about the enormous piles of waste?

Of course not! They have no idea what they are talking about. They just parrot the propaganda that Al Gore and the UN feed them.


100% closed-loop nuclear power almost guarantees independence and sovereignty to all nations that use it and that’s what the Death Cult, the “new world order behind closed doors“, doesn’t want. It wants obedient slave nations, it doesn’t want truly self-sustaining communities on this planet.

Still wonder why the Israeli government and the neo-revisionist zionists don’t want Iran to be an advanced nuclear power on the grand geopolitical chess board?