New York Times: We May Never Find Out Whether COVID-19 Vaccines Will Be Useful or Not

Although this is a mainstream article on the New York Times website, it confirms everything that we have been saying at Op V about the coming vaccines.

Let’s look at some excerpts from the NYT article “These Coronavirus Trials Don’t Answer the One Question We Need to Know”.

“If you were to approve a coronavirus vaccine, would you approve one that you only knew protected people only from the most mild form of Covid-19, or one that would prevent its serious complications?

The answer is obvious. You would want to protect against the worst cases.

But that’s not how the companies testing three of the leading coronavirus vaccine candidates, Moderna, Pfizer and AstraZeneca, whose U.S. trial is on hold, are approaching the problem.

According to the protocols for their studies, which they released late last week, a vaccine could meet the companies’ benchmark for success if it lowered the risk of mild Covid-19, but was never shown to reduce moderate or severe forms of the disease, or the risk of hospitalization, admissions to the intensive care unit or death.

To say a vaccine works should mean that most people no longer run the risk of getting seriously sick. That’s not what these trials will determine.

In other words, the vaccines will be useless and will not protect those who receive them. On top of that they will also be dangerous, read: “These Are SOME of the Already Known Long-Term Side Effects of the COVID-19 Vaccines“.

The NYT article also states the following about flu vaccines:

“[…] This is the case with influenza vaccines, which reduce the risk of mild disease in healthy adults. But there is no solid evidence they reduce the number of deaths, which occur largely among older people. In fact, significant increases in vaccination rates over the past decades have not been associated with reductions in deaths.

With flu vaccines being only 45% effective, whatever “effective” may mean in this context, and the vaccines not preventing influenza deaths and hospitalizations one can only conclude that such flu (and COVID-19) vaccines are nothing but products that are meant to generate billions of dollars in profits. These vaccines are CLEARLY not being produced to protect people.

“Second, Moderna and Pfizer acknowledge their vaccines appear to induce side effects that are similar to the symptoms of mild Covid-19. In Pfizer’s early phase trial, more than half of the vaccinated participants experienced headache, muscle pain and chills.

If the vaccines ultimately provide no benefit beyond a reduced risk of mild Covid-19, they could end up causing more discomfort than they prevent.”

As we wrote in our previous report, “These Are SOME of the Already Known Long-Term Side Effects of the COVID-19 Vaccines“, about the side effects of the vaccines:

Although all these known long-term side effects are serious, the most worrying are the respiratory disorders because COVID-19 vaccines are supposed to stop or protect against respiratory disorders, among other symptoms and illnesses.

The fact that these COVID-19 vaccines will CAUSE respiratory disorders, in millions of people who get the vaccines, will give governments a false reason to continue their tyrannical “lockdowns” (the confinement of prisoners to their cells) and will give big pharma lobbyists a deceptive leverage to further extract money from countries their treasuries.