Fake “Resistance” Website Attempts to Whitewash COVID-19 Plandemic Propaganda

By Koen Jacobs for Op V

Most untrained free thinkers may have a hard time understanding what is going on, so I’ll try to make it as simple as possible.

In March 2020 Steve Watson, brother of Paul Joseph Watson, wrote an article for Infowars (Alex Jones) and Summit News (Paul Joseph Watson) in which he clearly gave his support for tyrannical lockdowns. By publishing this article both Infowars and Summit News also gave their support for lockdowns.

“Piers Morgan Blasts Stupidity Of British People Still Going To Concerts, Marathons”

Steve Watson: “The British government STILL has not advised against mass gatherings despite virtually every other government in the world having done so.

Flights are also still arriving from mainland Europe, in particular Spain and Italy despite the fact that those countries are in lockdown and are experiencing deaths practically every five minutes from coronavirus. Yesterday almost 400 people in Italy died, bring the total death toll close to 2000.”

At that time it was already clear that SARS-CoV-2 was not as “deadly” as the news media and governments around the world were claiming. On March 6, 2020 (11 days before Watson’s article) Admiral Brett Giroir, Assistant Secretary for Health at U.S. Health and Human Services, had stated during a press briefing that the virus had an overall mortality rate of only 0.1% and 1%. Which was a generous estimate (considering the knowledge we have today) yet not an alarming figures, since that’s what we can expect during any flu season anyway.

During the past 10 months Paul Joseph Watson wrote a few articles in which he decried the lack of border closures. Further participating in the propaganda frenzy and fearmongering, all the while there’s no ‘killer virus’ out there. Compared to a severe flu (season) SARS-CoV-2 is a mild virus. Which is to be expected, since that’s what it was likely made into in a Wuhan lab – using RaTG13 (or BtCoV/4991).

Today, Paul is back with another propaganda piece for Infowars in which he frantically tries to establish a narrative that just doesn’t make any sense to anyone who’s actually informed and is paying attention. The “WHO’s decision not to close borders at start of pandemic was based on politics, not science”, Watson claims.

In reality, the WHO stated in January that “lockdowns” (the confinement of prisoners to their cells) are “unprecedented in public health history” and are completely “new to science.” Of course, Paul will not tell you that because that would not help him sell his vile fearmongering, nor would it help him and Alex Jones with whitewashing the false COVID-19 narrative that also Donald Trump is parroting (“Donald Trump: Anti COVID-19 Vaccine Rhetoric is Dangerous, Vaccine Will Be Safe“).

Paul also still has to discover that the numbers of “cases” around the world are completely distorted, if not manufactured. And not just because the PCR tests are unreliable. Clearly, Paul Joseph Watson has no clue what he is talking about when it comes to SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19. Yet, the digital tabloid he writes for, Infowars, is still able to fool millions of gullible readers every single day.