Everything Indicates that BlackRock is Setting Governments and Central Banks Their Fiscal and Monetary Policies

And that’s something that should make you VERY worried about your own government and central bank their status

By Koen Jacobs for Op V

At this point it doesn’t matter anymore where you live, when it concerns your government and your country’s central bank. Nearly all governments and central banks in the world are now following the so-called advice for crises given by BlackRock.

Although there is much more to it, the bottom line is this. BlackRock has convinced governments and central banks that people should not have savings because, according to BlackRock, savings are part of the reason why the economy is not picking up in times of crisis. This is partially discussed in this August 2019 report by BlackRock.

When people save their money (also) in times of crisis, they do so to protect themselves and to make sure that they will be able to buy food and pay their bills whenever they lose their job, for instance.

BlackRock doesn’t like that. The vultures at BlackRock want you to spend your money on, preferably, risky investments. Investments that most people do not understand anything about at all.

A year later, since that August 2019 report, nearly all governments in Europe and the US are doing exactly what BlackRock proposes in that report.

First of all, more and more governments want that their nation’s central bank start handing out free money to people and companies. BlackRock calls this “going direct.”

Going direct means that central banks bypass the private banking and credit systems and hand out money directly to people and companies. This money is not printed, it is digital money. Money that doesn’t really exist, other than on computer screens. Obviously, this devalues the currencies that are used to achieve this and this devalues the people their labor, assets and savings.


In the US this is being implemented already, at least since March 2020. The Federal Reserve created fake digital money for the US government to the tune of $2.2 trillion (CARES Act). Subsequently, this fake digital money was distributed to the people and in the form of bailouts for corporations. The US HEROES Act is set to add another $3 trillion fake digital dollars to the US economy. None of this has to ever be paid back. Leaving a gaping hole in the US government’s budget and adding another $5.2 trillion to its $23.4 trillion debt (February 2020).

Because it takes a lot of time for politicians to negotiate such “stimulus packages” and it limits the amount of fake digital money that eventually is distributed, the US Federal Reserve is now developing the “central bank digital currency” and “recession insurance bonds“.

This would give the US Fed the power to deposit fake digital money directly into people’s accounts without any limits.

Eventually this would lead to the actual paper US dollar being replaced with the US Fed’s digital central bank currency, and that was the plan all along because this kind of currency would put all the monetary and fiscal power in the hands of the US Fed – no longer in the hands of the people through their representatives in government.


On the other side of the Atlantic, the ECB is working towards the exact same, although it is in a much earlier stage because of the strong differences in political views held by the various EU member states their governments. The Netherlands, for instance, doesn’t want to pay for other nations their government handouts so it will, at this point, not support a digital currency created out of thin air by the ECB.

Following BlackRock’s advice the ECB wants inflation to go up, a lot.

“This proposed framework could include Bernanke’s temporary price-level target where the central bank commits to not only reach its inflation target but make up for past shortfalls” – BlackRock,  August 2019

By ‘making up for past inflation shortfalls’ the ECB will cause an actual inflation in the EU in 2021 of easily 10%, if not more because what we are seeing now is merely the beginning of the fallout caused by the destructive and unnecessary “lockdowns” (“the confinement of prisoners to their cells”Merriam-Webster dictionary) – which are part of the geopolitical orgy of the 21st century.

It is not hard to confirm that the ECB is doing exactly what BlackRock is saying that central banks should be doing. Here’s Christine Lagarde, ECB president, her statement in the Financial Times on September 20, 2020. She literally parrots what BlackRock had written in August 2019:

“The wider discussion today . . . is whether central banks should commit to explicitly make up for inflation misses when they have spent quite some time below their inflation goals. […] Ms Lagarde also said structural changes to the eurozone economy — including globalisation, digitisation and demographics — have lowered the natural rate of interest, calling into question “what should be the standardised toolkit for a world where unconventional policy is ‘normal’.”

There is no natural rate of interest anymore because interest rates are artificially  kept below zero. Banks now receive money on top of the money that they borrow from the ECB. Effectively bribing them in order to create the illusion that the ECB is relevant, authoritative and required to exist (hint: the ECB should not exist at all!).

Additionally, on September 11, 2020 Lagarde suggested that the Euro Zone’s central bankers are close to making a decision on whether to press ahead with the development of an EU central bank digital currency (ECBDC).

German and Italian governments and banks already support this initiative that was suggested by BlackRock and, thus, even The Netherlands is not going to be able to prevent this from being completed and implemented.

The German central banker, Jens Weidmann, on the other hand, is against such a digital currency:

“Digital central bank money can change the fundamentals of the financial system and make it more insecure. Depending on the design, customers might switch from bank deposits to digital central bank money on a large scale and deprive banks of an important source of finance. The risk of a bank run in a crisis situation could also increase”

What Weidmann didn’t mention of course is that this hollowing out of the private, commercial banks and the economies is one of the main goals of BlackRock. So its vultures can come in and buy everything up while giving central banks the power to create fake digital money without limits. Effectively giving a very few people total power over all the money supply and the value of money and assets worldwide.