‘Pedophile Hunters’ Expose Child Predators on New Youtube Channel – #SaveOurChildren

They will expose all pedophiles in the Netherlands and elsewhere, a new “King Pedo Hunter” channel on Youtube states. “If the government doesn’t do it, we will. Please protect your children.”

Everywhere, people have had enough of child predators and pedophiles getting away with their filthy crimes against children. As government agencies and politicians look the other way, people are starting to take action  and are now exposing the pedophiles themselves.

It boggles the mind that citizens have to go out to do the work that police officers are supposed to be doing – and are being paid for with people’s tax money.

A tip for these heroes: Start in the streets and work your way up into the ranks of government where the organized pedophilia is. Expose the politicians and bankers who are involved in these heinous crimes! You have our support.

Dutch Pedophile Caught in Heemskerk, The Netherlands

Dutch Pedophile Caught in Curaçao

Dutch Pedophile Caught in Eindhoven, The Netherlands (Turkish)