These 10 UK Newspapers Support the Government’s ‘Lockdown’ Spy Program

At least, that’s what their frontpages  for today indicate.

Below are today’s The Daily Telegraph, The Times, The Guardian, Daily Mail, Daily Express, i Weekend, Daily Mirror, The Sun, Daily Star and The Herald – all telling their readers (and the public at large) to install the COVID-19 app.

The app is powered by an Apple and Google-developed system, using bluetooth to keep a log of people who have come within two meters of a person for 15 minutes or longer.

If two people who are using the app are in close contact to one another for more than five minutes, they will exchange keys, or bluetooth ‘digital handshakes’. The bluetooth signal strength is used to measure proximity.

The data logged through these interactions is used to build up a points score of how many times and how long someone has interacted with another person.

INGSOC would be proud of the British government.