ECB is Bribing Banks to Borrow Money from the Communist Bloc

The EU’s central bank is going for another round of fake digital money, money that doesn’t really exist, money that isn’t backed by anything tangible at all.

In its latest round the ECB is creating 175 billion euro out of thin air, just like that, with a push of a button.

On top of that, it’s lending the fake money to banks at a negative interest rate of up to -1%. Effectively, the ECB is bribing banks to borrow money from the communist bloc. All of this just to  create the false impression that the ECB is still relevant – as if it ever was anyway.

This means that for every billion euro that banks borrow, they get 10 million euro for free on top of the borrowed amount. This is bribery and must be stopped immediately. Just like the communist EU bloc, this whole fake financial system has to be brought down. It’s repulsive!