US Foreign Affairs Committee ‘COVID-19 Report‘ is a Disgusting Whitewash

The report allegedly claims, among other things, that the Chinese government allowed a “likely preventable pandemic” that has killed 961,435 people and has infected 31 million worldwide.

First, those numbers are meaningless because the Johns Hopkins COVID-19 dashboard is completely useless. We’ve asked Johns Hopkins about their fake numbers and we have yet to receive any response from them.

Second, the first ‘cases’ date back to October 2019. Around the time when the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation was hosting Event 201.

We know for a fact that Event 201 has everything to do with this so-called “pandemic” because Bill Gates was caught lying in front of a BBC camera on April 12, 2020. Claiming that no such simulations or exercises ever took place.

By not mentioning these crucial facts the alleged US Foreign Affairs Committee COVID-19 report deliberately deceives the public.

This ‘report’ is a complete whitewash because it blames only the Chinese government and the WHO, while conveniently omitting how Bill Gates and his ‘foundation’ are involved in all of this, from the very first day.

This is how history gets rewritten, this is how history gets falsified. They did the exact same thing with 3/11 (Fukushima).

Almost everyone is blindly buying into the narrative that this US Foreign Affairs Committee COVID-19 report is trying to sell. Not understanding that yet another layer of deception has been added to the whole situation.

This ‘report’ is another litmus  test for the Resistance, but also for the fake alt media websites, channels and publications out there.

Let’s see how many will actually tell you the truth like we do.