Google’s War Against Op V

In less than a month time we’ve put Op V on the map, people know about us, people talk about Op V and Op V is gaining momentum. Google and the Death Cult hate that and have started an online war against us. Imagine what will happen when eventually we reach millions of people every single day

When Google is at war with your website you are doing something right, unless of course you are selling child porn.

Compare that, by the way, with Wikileaks having its own search engine on Google… You get the picture, right?

Here’s Google’s search result for Op V. Compare that with other search engines. It couldn’t be more obvious that Google is waging a war against us. Especially when you know that Google is pretty much the most powerful search engine on the internet today. When you search for Op V, Google will list us on page 3 or lower of their search results. No one really goes that far for a casual search. If you’re not listed on the first page you are not reaching the people who are searching for you, it’s that simple.

Still, it’s not like we need Google or any search engine for that matter. Website traffic coming in through search engines is only a little, tiny fraction of our overall incoming traffic. Most visitors come straight to our website or arrive here through a social media platform.