A Trump Assassination and the Deceptive Narrative by a Controlled Opposition Truth Racket

By Koen Jacobs for Op V

I’ve written about this before, on January 7 of this year to be exact:

“In a twisted, sick and repulsive propaganda piece that was published on the Infowars website, earlier today [January 7 ,2020], Alex Jones’ truth racket now claims that should Donald Trump be assassinated (by anyone) that event would “prevent” a civil war in the United States.

This insane propaganda seems to have been written by people who have lost their grip on reality and now they want to drag everyone else with them, all the way down to the bottom.”

Here’s what they wrote that day:

“Now, both sides of the establishment (left and right) have the opportunity they’ve been waiting for; the ultimate false flag attack to strike down our president!

Because now, if Trump gets assassinated, the American people will no longer suspect the criminal cartel operating the Deep State.

Instead, they will blame the murder on Iran and the American media will fully support that narrative.

This will ultimately prevent Civil War and divert the people’s anger away from the treasonous Democrats.”

It’s obvious that most people, even most ‘truthers’, haven’t got the slightest understanding about information warfare, psychological operations and subversion.

With so much at stake these days, I find it highly necessary to put the above deceptive narrative back up for discussion because people seemingly have very short memories these days.

To understand the purpose of the above Infowars narrative, you have to see the Hegelian dialectic on the grand chess board of geopolitics through the eyes of the neo-revisionist zionists and the expanding communitarian movement.

There’s no question about it that most of the so-called “truth movement”, and the Qanon groupies along with it, has been coopted by the very same Death Cult that continues to destroy our economies and the very fabric of society.

Ponder the core message in the above narrative: If Donald Trump gets assassinated it will prevent a civil war. That’s the message coming from Infowars.

Do you understand the level of conditioning and programming that is going on there with that narrative?

Do you understand how the entire Infowars audience, several millions of people in the US and several millions more around the world, is being deceived and coopted?

Do you?


If not, you better wake up RIGHT NOW! Snap out of the ruse! Get your ducks in a row! Recalibrate your truth and sanity sensors! Not tomorrow, NOW!

Forget about all those deceivers on Youtube, Facebook and Twitter. They’re taking you for a ride and they themselves may not even know it.

There aren’t many hardcore rebel outposts remaining anymore at this point, so, the few that are left need all your support that they can get. That includes Op V – and I’ll add to that that also Brendon O’Connell knows very well what he is talking about and what is happening. He seems to be sincere in his intentions. Check out his Youtube channel before it gets deleted again.

You too decide the fate of the true Resistance. Don’t take that responsibility lightly, please.