Here’s What the “FinCEN” Leaks Are Really About

By Koen Jacobs for Op V

Put on your thinking cap folks…

To understand the recent “FinCEN leaks”, what the operation’s purpose is, you need to understand what two previous, similar, operations their purposes were – and you have to understand what Wikileaks is. I’m going to tie it together.

Remember also that Wikileaks has its own search engine on Google. If Wikileaks was any danger to the new world order behind closed doors and the neo-revisionist zionist Death Cult then, of course, Wikileaks wouldn’t have its own search engine on Google. Also read this for more insight into Wikileaks (“Wikileaks is a Hostile 21st Century Information Weapon“).

Panama Papers

The Panama papers, although about real documents, was the first of the currently 3 operations (Panama papers, paradise papers, FinCEN papers) orchestrated by or together with one of the neo-revisionist zionists’ favorite spy agencies, the Mossad, to discredit their supposed enemies. In this case that includes Syrian president Bashar Hafez al-Assad. The only reason why Vladimir Putin was also included in the propaganda campaign is because that would further divide the American public (‘Russiagate’) and the world population – think Hegelian dialectic.



Paradise Papers

The paradise papers were an extension of the Panama papers, only this time different truths were revealed – by some who were targeted and by those who did the “investigation”. Nothing special came out of the paradise papers. Nothing! It was merely part of a psyop that will be explained further at the end of this report.

ICIJ about the paradise papers:

Appleby (source) about the paradise papers:

“Recent media coverage, including the Panorama programme aired on 5th November, continues to focus on the offshore sector. The journalists do not allege, nor could they, that Appleby has done anything unlawful. There is no wrongdoing. It is a patchwork quilt of unrelated allegations with a clear political agenda and movement against offshore.

We wish to reiterate that our firm was not the subject of a leak but of a serious criminal act. This was an illegal computer hack. Our systems were accessed by an intruder who deployed the tactics of a professional hacker and covered his/her tracks to the extent that a forensic investigation by a leading international Cyber & Threats team concluded that there was no definitive evidence that any data had left our systems. This was not the work of anybody who works at Appleby.

Panorama stated they have nearly seven million of our documents. They also claimed to have sourced information from “publicly available documents”. The BBC website states that “the Paradise Papers contains 13.4 million documents”. It is plain that the source of documents is not confined to Appleby. We have had lengthy correspondence with the International Consortium of Independent Journalists (ICIJ). Their claim that we “did not reply to their detailed questions” is false. We responded to their questions and we requested that they show us the documents they have in their possession which belong to us. Extracts of our response to the ICIJ, which they acknowledged on 26 October, are set out below.

We take client confidentiality extremely seriously and we are disappointed that the media has chosen to use information which has emanated from material obtained illegally. This has very little to do with accurate and fair reporting, and everything to do with the pursuit of a political agenda. These journalists will not permit fairness and accuracy to get in the way of their political objectives.

We also wish to clarify that Appleby is a global organisation comprising ten offices which have equal prominence within the global business. We do not have a headquarters. It is not correct to state that Appleby has its headquarters in Bermuda.

Appleby has thoroughly and vigorously investigated the allegations and we are satisfied that there is no evidence of any wrongdoing. We are a law firm which advises clients on legitimate and lawful ways to conduct their business. We operate in jurisdictions which are regulated to the highest international standards. We do not tolerate illegal behaviour and we reiterate our commitment to responsible business conduct. We are committed to the highest standards of client service and confidentiality. It is what we stand for, this commitment remains unequivocal.

Süddeutsche Zeitung and the Guardian, the two ‘news’ papers that made the paradise papers public – or rather that played along with the psyop –  are partners of Wikileaks. So are AP, ARD 1, Der Spiegel, El Pais, Fairfax Media, Freedom of the Press Foundation, Le Monde, Public Citizen, Reporters without Borders, Rolling Stone Magazine, Russia Today (RT), the Hindu, the Intercept, McClatchy, The Nation, New York Times, The Telegraph, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post and many other mainstream ‘news’ outlets and publications.

Please tell me how Wikileaks is not controlled opposition in a best case scenario?


Israel Dumps Wikileaks Some Chicken Feed Again (Video Link)


Patrick Bergy on Infowars, About Wikistrat/Wikileaks (Video Link)


FinCEN and the Overall Psyop

Now that you have some of the background information, I can further explain what the FinCEN papers are part of.

But first, let’s go back to 9/11.

After 9/11 the BIS (Bank for International Settlements) wrote new rules for the international banking system – for all the banks in the world. The new rules were created, allegedly, to fight terrorism and the funding of terrorism. This was sold to the people as rules that would prevent people like Osama bin Laden from organizing attacks and crimes like those committed on September 11, 2001. Even though the FBI still does not have any evidence that bin Laden was actually involved in 9/11. Of course not, it was the Mossad again who orchestrated 9/11, with the support of the Bush administration. How else would it be possible to destroy 1 WTC, 2 WTC and 7 WTC through controlled demolitions?

The post-9/11 banking rules that are still being imposed were the first step towards financial tyranny, a step towards digital money.

I personally had, at one point, trouble with my bank in Belgium over a 100 euro transaction to the Philippines. Simply because the bank didn’t understand why I was sending the 100 euro abroad. They wanted to know everything about the purpose of the transfer. At that time, in 2012, I was able to fight back by reasoning, comparing their banking system to Nazi Germany. Eventually they gave up and let the money through. All of this over a measly 100 euro.

All the new laws after 9/11, not just focused on banking and finance, are still in place. These supposed ‘leaks’ – Panama papers, paradise papers, FinCEN papers – are the next step to more new banking laws for the world.

By ‘revealing’ in the newspapers and on TV that international crime syndicates and banks are working together, the people are led to believe that the banking system is still not safe and that more new laws are needed to fight back against crime, tax evasion and so forth. All the while, governments are still sending their proxies billions of dollars to wage wars abroad, to topple ‘undesirable’ regimes.

The result of these ‘leaks’ and ‘papers’ will be new laws that make digital money the only legal money in the world. This ties into the “Great Reset” and the 4th industrial revolution, obviously. Giving governments and smart city mayors control over people their money – and eventually giving the Israeli spy agencies and selected tech firms full access to all the digital money in the world.

Let me finish this report with one of the names that allegedly came up in the FinCEN papers: Semion Mogilevich.

Mogilevich is a 74 year-old Ukrainian-Russian-Jewish mafia boss who is connected to all the big players in Russia, including the neo-revisionist zionists who are sending well-connected Russians into Israel.

The guy is 74, so he’s on his way out, if not dead already. So, there’s no damage there. Even he is mentioned in the FinCEN papers, it’s not like he’s going to be worried about any of it. Of course, his name ads some spice to the otherwise meaningless FinCEN papers. Meaningless in the sense that the public isn’t getting any wiser from it.

Valuable, on the other hand, for those who want to get rid of paper money and switch to digital currencies only.