AIPAC-Linked Website Promotes Report Claiming that Israeli Tech Will Shape the ‘New Normal’ Society

About that website:

Israel21c is an AIPAC-linked propaganda outlet that is headed by Amy Friedkin, former AIPAC president, Jonathan Baruch, AIPAC member, and other neo-revisionist zionists.

About that report:

The report says Israel’s “longstanding expertise in software, data, sensors and cybersecurity provides an excellent starting point” for reshaping the future of work, healthcare, travel, education, housing and manufacturing.

“Israel’s tech ecosystem is well positioned to help establish the ‘new normal’ and drive its evolution. Its ecosystem’s ability to quickly adapt is evident in both the generation of hundreds of innovative new tech startups each year, and the rapid pivoting of existing companies.”

“In the dawn of the post-pandemic new digital age, Israel can transcend its ‘Start-Up Nation’ status and become the leading nation in providing its citizens – and ultimately the world – with cutting-edge digital solutions in health, education, and welfare.”

What this means:

This means that Benjamin Netanyahu’s puzzle pieces are falling in their places. In 2014 he stated that Israel should be the leading power when it comes to controlling the internet “jungle,” instead of some kind of international body (both would be wrong choices, though, because the internet is one of the last places where people can actually have freedom of speech and freedom of expression).

This also means that Israeli intelligence will do everything within their power to steer and eventually control Klaus Schwab’s “Great Reset” and, thus, the 4th industrial revolution.