The Face Mask Ritual: 3 Steps to a Death Cult Society

People around the world are being initiated into a new death cult society and few are paying attention.

Perversion of society: The face mask ritual. Image 1: Normalization. Image 2: Perversion (Lady Gaga at VMA 2020). Image 3: Death cult society (“The Forever Purge”).

The enforcing of face mask wearing is not by accident or out of necessity for our health. It’s a dark ritual that was initiated on March 11, 2020 when most of the governments made face mask wearing mandatory.

Today people are being fined and put in jail when they are caught without a face mask. The orchestrators of this death cult are in full control of those governments that are punishing people for violating the new face mask laws.

This death cult has to be exposed and the names of its members have to be made public through a list that is published and updated online. Exposing them is the only way to stop this dystopian tyranny that is destroying people’s sanity by design.

Op V has already started compiling names for that list and soon we will publish the first version of that list on our website. After that, you too can help us to further complete that list. If you have information on people who are steering or willingly supporting this death cult, please send it to us via email:

Updates will follow. Check our website daily.