How Much Does it Cost to Buy a Government that is COVID-19-Tyranny Compliant?

We have received this kind of question repeatedly during the past week and of course an exact amount is hard to figure out since most of the bribes are obviously off the record.

However, if Belarus is an example or a starting point for an investigation, there is a minimum amount that we know about.

In June of this year the IMF and the World Bank offered Belarusian president Alexander Lukashenko $940 million to buy a full ‘lockdown’ in Belarus. Lukashenko rejected the offer and as a result is now dealing with a presidential election result that the opposition in Belarus has declared false. Riots and protests are still continuing today.

On September 8, in a BelTA interview reported about by the Russian news agency TASS, Lukashenko stated that the current protests in Belarus are the result of the US government’s efforts to topple the Lukashenko administration.

“The US is planning and directing it, and the Europeans are playing along,” he said, adding that “a special center” has been established near Warsaw. “You know, when there is unrest nearby and tanks and planes begin to move, this is no coincidence,” the president pointed out.

He noted that Western states are trying to play the Belarusian card against Russia, calling Belarus “the only remaining link” in the “Baltic-Black Sea corridor,” which includes three Baltic states, Ukraine and Belarus.


On August 19, an emergency EU summit on Belarus was held. Leaders of 27 EU states, as well as heads of the European Commission, the European Parliament and the European Council approved a statement on the outcomes of the summit, which says that the EU does not recognize the results of the Belarusian presidential election

Lukashenko also said that the protests in Belarus were directed through Telegram, a messenger service, by the US.

So it is seemingly fair to estimate that a COVID-19-tyranny compliant government costs about $100 per citizen.

The IMF and the World Bank tried to bribe Lukashenko with $940 million, Belarus counts roughly 9.4 million citizens. That’s $100 per citizen.