The 5G Space-Based Hyper Cloud

This report is published in response to an email from a reader.

Diane S.: “Hey OpV. What is your position on 5G? I’m interested in your cause but I first need to know what you think about 5G. Do you think it is harmful?”

Before you read the report we also want to mention that we do not believe that 5G causes COVID-19 and we are using the March 3, 2020 GSMA map to back up our position on this specific topic.

If 5G would be responsible for COVID-19 then how do you explain Iran’s case? No 5G on March 3, 2020. Yet, allegedly Iran had COVID-19 cases on March 3. The same for Japan and France. Either the 5G-COVID theory is true for all or it is not true at all.


Initial Deployment of Up to 50,000 ‘Communication’ Satellites

Governments and corporations around the world seem to indicate that mankind has arrived at historic crossroads. While we would certainly welcome such a development we would also like to, first, test the accuracy of this assumption. Whether or not it is based on a reality and a society that actually exist.

One way to do so is by introducing two solutions for what is unilaterally being pushed upon the international community and the planet, the launching and putting into orbit of up to 50,000 satellites, as the space-based hyper cloud for a global 5G internet communications system.

Unilaterally by governments and corporations and, thus, without the consent of the public and without, in most cases, the public even being aware of it.

No corporation, no collective of corporations and no agency – including the US FCC and the UN’s International Telecommunication Union – are in any way authorized to act on behalf of the entire population of planet Earth.

There exists no corporate or other form of ownership, there exists no representation, acknowledged by the public at large, that would even suggest that the above agencies or any corporations have been granted permission, in any way, by the public at large to ‘regulate’ and execute the said launches and the exploitation of said spacecraft.

Planet Earth is the home of nearly 8 billion people and a handful of corporations and agencies can’t, therefore, just decide on their own terms that they have the right, let alone the support, to fundamentally and permanently alter our planet and the space it exists in.

If we are to assume that indeed humanity has evolved enough to start to consider implementing said space-based 5G hyper cloud then it must also be so that we have evolved enough to organize extensive public debate about said system, BEFORE it gets built and activated. At least this much should be expected of a species that has evolved, allegedly, far enough.

For this reason we introduce the following two solutions for the unilaterally announced 5G space-based hyper cloud.

1. Not a Priority: Postpone Indefinitely

By any reasonable standards, the launching of said satellites and the construction of said 5G hyper cloud are not a priority at all. It is very easy to confirm this.

A species that has evolved enough, that has acquired enough knowledge and wisdom, would certainly not have said program as its priority when:

  1. Governments and the press refuse to report accurately and truthfully about anything that has to do with the so-called COVID-19 “pandemic”.
  2. There are still 736 million people, globally, living on less than US$1.90 a day (World Bank, 2015).
  3. An estimated 2.5 billion people lack access to improved sanitation (more than 35% of the world’s population) (US CDC).
  4. Millions of people are being slaughtered in wars of which about 400,000 in Syria alone in recent years.
  5. 115 million youths, globally, are considered illiterate (UNICEF, 2019).
  6. Around a quarter of the world’s urban population lives in slums (squatter areas) – from 689 million in 1990 to 880 million in 2014 (UN).

While there are also worrying health and safety implications that would certainly come with the construction and activation of said space-based 5G hyper cloud, the reality is that none of the above problems are being addressed by said hyper cloud.

On the contrary, said system would only widen the gap between poor and rich since hundreds of billions of dollars would be invested in infrastructure that does not alleviate any of the mentioned problems and, thus, would in the end only generate substantial profits for those who provide the credit that corporations and governments need to implement the global 5G and eventual 6G grid.

2. A Global, Open and Honest Debate

Assuming that humanity has evolved enough to make decisions that can alleviate all the above listed problems and that we have evolved enough to have a decent global debate about a space-based 5G hyper cloud, then at this point we also have to assume that the next step includes the organizing of such a debate BEFORE anyone continues with their plans for said system.

Since the deployment of initially up to 50,000 satellites, orbiting at altitudes between roughly 350 km and 1,500 km, would certainly have a lasting and growing impact on society and the planet, both are considered fundamental interests, the only civilized thing to do right now is to involve everyone in the debate in order to enable everyone to have their voices heard and their interests represented and defended.

The average person is not aware of what the suggested space-based 5G hyper cloud includes, what it can enable and who is to be in control of it.

The system is considered a space-based backbone of what is popularly referred to as 5G and 6G, while the average person does not understand what 5G stands for.

Focusing on the proposed satellites alone, few of the public, relatively speaking, even know that these would be brought into orbit, let alone how many and what their capabilities are, since very little technical information is being provided by the corporations that seek to launch them and by governments that are supposed to find out and report about it.

Except for the manufacturers, no one really knows what capabilities these satellites have. It is claimed that they are for peaceful purposes, i.e communication. But how is one to confirm that this is actually the full truth?

When the public is not being properly informed by these corporations that seek to deploy said satellites or their governments that should be investigating what is going on. Why would the public just trust anything at all of what is being claimed by any party in these matters?

If we are to continue with the construction of this space-based hyper cloud and the implementation of 5G, for now, and 6G, eventually, then we can only do so in a civilized fashion.

This means that we have to go beyond the point where also the UN has once again failed the public, since also this institution is once again not representing and defending the fundamental interests of the public.

The fact that Telesat and OneWeb, for instance, have “already won priority ITU rights” for their own satellites in different parts of the world (, September 26, 2017) shows, indeed, how the UN operates outside of the public’s consent and knowledge. Everything, so far, has been decided by ‘the few’ who at the same time don’t indicate to have any concerns about the public’s safety, security and their other rights such as privacy and the right to self-determination.

The only way that all of this is going to work properly is when the space-based hyper cloud, 5G and 6G are being operated within an open framework.

This means that all information has to be made available to the public, in as far as said system is for communication purposes (including the ‘internet of things’). There where it is not, where it is to be used for military or intelligence operations, it should be clearly and fully stated as such without any exceptions.

Operating these systems within an open framework means that BEFORE further implementations are executed we must address all implications. Including but not limited to privacy, security and other human rights.

When we focus on security there exist no guarantees, that the public is aware of, that any parts of the space-based hyper cloud and the Earth-based systems can not get compromised during acts of war or by hacking.

We have witnessed the power of computer viruses like Stuxnet and one can only imagine what can go wrong if any part of the space-based hyper cloud and/or Earth-based systems gets attacked or hacked. Who is to be held accountable? How can, in this context, things go wrong and how wrong can they go? Have any tests been done in this context? If so, what are the results of such tests?

Sending up to 50,000 satellites into orbit (that by the way need to be replaced every 5 to 7 years) without knowing what can go wrong and to what extent is simply insane!

Who is testing and confirming that none of the components that these satellites hold are manufactured with secret backdoors incorporated into them? Can anyone ever guarantee this? If not, how is it responsible to send up such a vast number of possibly easy to hijack spacecraft?

Even one such satellite that is compromised can already cause geopolitical instability. Who is to be held accountable for that?

As you can see, the questions are numerous while the answers are scarce.

The creation of an open framework is therefore the first and only priority if we are to continue the construction and activation of this system, 5G and 6G. This open framework must be made up of committees and councils on the local levels (at least on city level) and national levels where everything about these systems is discussed BEFORE we continue in any direction.

People have to first know and fully understand what ALL the implications are of 5G and 6G. People must be given the opportunity to vote for or against the implementation of 5G and 6G devices in their communities and the construction and activation of the space-based hyper cloud.

People have to know and understand how and to what extent their rights are going to be compromised once the 5G, and eventually 6G, grid goes fully online and when the space-based hyper cloud is activated.

People have to know who will be in control of said space-based system.

We suggest that every year new councils are formed that will oversee said system. Councils where independent experts monitor the system and report about it in order to keep the public properly informed about everything that concerns both the Earth-based and space-based systems.

People have the right and must have a realistic possibility to opt out of anything that has to do with said space-based hyper cloud, 5G and 6G systems. An individual and a community must both have the reasonable ability to not be exposed to anything that is used in/by/for the space-based and Earth-based 5G and 6G systems.

Anything less is a step towards a global corporate dictatorship.

Unless we start to create this open framework right now, the only sane alternative is to indefinitely postpone the entire project as stated in the first solution.