Face Masks for Kids? This New Children’s Book Normalizes the Child Abuse and Some Parents Are RAVING!

If the adults are starting to fight back against the tyranny… then go after the kids. Mess with the kids their minds.

That’s exactly what this new children’s book is doing: “School Is Different This Year And That’s OK!

Here are some of the idiotic Amazon reviews for this piece of toxic propaganda. Below the reviews are more pages from the book.

Most people really have no idea about the evil that is controlling their lives. That’s just completely shocking after having been locked up in their houses for more than 6 months. The level of ignorance is simply mind-boggling. It’s almost scary even.

    • “I saw a rave for this book so had high hopes that it would be a great read aloud for my class. I was disappointed that it said that it says distance learning students get to sleep in and eat snacks all day. My students are distance learning and this is NOT the message I want to send. I was hoping for an all around higher quality book. So, unfortunately, I am returning.”  – Ashley
    • “I thought this was a really good book considering the times. My 16-year-old loved it. Well actually my wife enjoyed it more than my daughter! I’m sure my first graders will enjoy it tomorrow as well!” – EdforLife
    • “Purchased the ebook version for the uncertainty or remote or in school learning. This book is well-written and is targeted straight towards today’s pandemic challenges. Highly recommend to share with your students to confront them during the beginning of the school year.” – Karina
    • “My second graders loved this book. They were so excited that it was about what is happening in their lives right now.” – Katelynd Dreger
    • This book is a good preparation for my daughter who is returning to school and will have to wear a mask all day.” – Judith
    • Has a much needed positive message!” – Marie
    • Best book for all kids and parents going back to school. We have been recommending this to families of all ages and sizes. Thank you for getting this out there!” – Robert Obryan
    • Best book for the kids. My kids loved this book and it has been great for this pandemic. I would recommend this 10/10 times.” – Sean Snyder
    • “I love this book- especially the illustrations. This book doesn’t have an agenda and it doesn’t point fingers. It just reminds us that we are all in this together and that we can remain positive in the midst of this pandemic. It is a great way for parents and kids to talk through the situation. I would recommend to any parent or teacher with young children.” – Michael J.J. Bower [Obviously, Michael has no clue about the world that actually surrounds him!]