Johns Hopkins’ COVID-19 Data Itself STILL Proves that the Data is FALSE

Email sent to Johns Hopkins covid dashboard admins. Click here to join the conversation on Twitter.

Sir, Mam,

Please clarify the following data that you provide on your COVID tracker dashboard (as of September 11, 2020):

You claim that Kuwait has 92,822 covid cases. Kuwait’s population counts 4.137 million people.
You claim that Belgium has 90,568 covid cases. Belgium’s population counts 11.46 million people.
You claim that China has 90,127 covid cases. China’s population counts 1.393 BILLION people.
You claim that India has 4,562,414 covid cases. India’s population counts 1.353 billion people.

Surely you can’t expect me to believe that China, Belgium and Kuwait basically have the same number of covid cases. Or do you?

China’s population is 121 times bigger than the population of Belgium. Yet both countries have the same number of covid cases?

Unless you can provide a very detailed and very accurate explanation I will from here on assume that your dashboard is worthless and that it only serves to continue the fear mongering.

I am very disappointed in both your dashboard and the press outlets that reference your dashboard as an ‘authoritative’ source.

My god!

Koen Jacobs