Don’t Be the Donkey, Don’t Be the Sheep

Don’t Be the Donkey

Don’t just guide people to where you were told to make them go. Don’t just guide them to the information and possible truths that were handed to you without having done any extensive research yourself.

Instill in people the will and the courage that you want them to have so they can step out of the herd mentality on their own. Empower them. Help them explore the world so they too can discover their own potential and find their true purpose in life.

Don’t Be the Sheep

Don’t just follow someone because others do. Don’t just go with the flow, simply because it seems to be the easiest choice to make.

Life is not about making easy choices, it’s about exploring thoughts and places that you never even knew existed. Be the leader in your own life because the world needs more legacies that help to shape a better society.

Create your own legacy, not someone else’s.