What Happens if We Get the ‘Wrong’ Corona Vaccine?

By Cüneyt Yilmaz, graduate at the University of Bayreuth, Germany

Health Minister Jens Spahn [Germany] admits that the lockdown, which destroyed numerous livelihoods, was wrong with today’s knowledge. But what happens if he gives us the wrong corona vaccine and then apologizes again for this “mistake”? From the citizens’ point of view, this question should be allowed without being collectively called “conspiracy theorists”, “madmen”, “right-wing extremists” or “enemies of the state”.

“With today’s knowledge, I can tell you, we would no longer close hairdressers and retail outlets. It won’t happen again. We will not need to ban visiting care facilities again. We have learned something in the last few months, how we can protect ourselves without these measures being necessary. But above all, you need a mask, for example,” says Spahn.

But because of this wrong decision, millions had to go on short-time work, thousands of companies will file for bankruptcy, hundreds of thousands of livelihoods were stripped and the population was completely traumatized. Subsequently, these people were collectively (!) attacked as “conspiracy theorists”, “lunatics”, “right-wing extremists” or “enemies of the state” because they dared to question politics in an environment of total uncertainty. Migrants and non-migrants, homosexuals and heterosexuals, employees and employers, adults and young people and all other social groups are simply afraid of the future. Hence the justified anger. Do you finally get it!

Political Berlin now has to ask itself what happens if Health Minister Spahn lets Germans get a corona vaccine that later turns out to cause severe physical damage or death. The Chinese vaccine scandal in 2018 or the thalidomide scandal had previously shown that such cases can occur.

Will Spahn, who is repeatedly assumed to be close to the pharmaceutical lobby, say in such a case: “With today’s knowledge, I can tell you, this vaccine would not be administered”?

Spahn apparently did not understand the impact of his decision to introduce a lockdown at the beginning of the year.

That is why Hauke ​​Rudolph, demands his immediate resignation – and rightly so!

But a different future scenario is more likely under the given circumstances. The gap between the political establishment and the citizens has become so great that the “political professionals” in their “loss of reality par excellence” could pull Spahn into the Chancellery.