UK Protests September 19 and 26, Trafalgar Square, London

On Saturday September 19, 2020 and September 26, 2020 there will be protests at London’s Trafalgar Square.

September 19 is organized by Kay Allison (Kate Shemirani) and others, while donations are being collected by a Fiona Graham but our requests for more information about this Fiona Graham and how donated funds will be used have remained unanswered so far.

September 26 is organized by Piers Corbyn.

Important for these two events is that you should document as much as possible when you attend one or both, so not just the main speeches on these days. We need video footage and photographic documentation for future reference and investigations. Especially the September 19 event is of concern when it comes to who was there (stage guests) and who said what.

As Mr Corbyn says in the video above, the September 19 event can compromise the September 26 protests – but also the greater movement as a whole.

This mainly because of the listed speakers and the organizers, for the 19th, who may (some perhaps unknowingly) cause a further divide in the worldwide movement rather than bringing people closer together.

When you are attending one or both of these protests as an Op V endorser or activist, please make sure that you do not divide the attendees politically or in any other way. The crowds at these events are fighting the same fights but it is very easy for certain individuals to make everyone look like a fool and to discredit the whole movement.

Even though we are aware of the true intentions of certain individuals on the 19th, we are not going to expand on this at this moment because we want to use their momentum so we can help build the worldwide movement.

Many people have worked very hard to get us all to this point as a protest movement, so we need to take advantage of all the leverage that is available.

When you are going to the protest on the 19th and/or the 26th and want to report live from Trafalgar Square for Op V, please get into contact with us ASAP via email at so we can make proper arrangements.