Op V? What Does That Mean? What Does it Stand for?

Obviously, people are wondering. What does Op V mean? Is this some kind of Anonymous operation? The answer is no. We are not associated with the Anonymous collective but Anons are welcome to stand with us.

Op V initially stood for “Operation Victory”. Victory against the global COVID-19 tyranny and the World Economic Forum’s “Great Reset”.

But because Op V its slogan is “Validus Veritas Victoria” Op V also stands for that:

  • Validus: Powerful resistance.
  • Veritas: Truth. Uncompromised, uncensored.
  • Victoria: Victory, as in the original meaning of Op V

Others have suggested that it could also mean Operation Vendetta, in reference to Guy Fawkes and Anonymous. That is certainly another option that we kept in mind from the very beginning.

In fact, we encourage everyone to be creative with Op V. Remember, Op V is not a centralized organization. We are a movement. We are people who are sick and tired of the COVID-19 deceptions and the tyranny that comes with them.

As long as your protest, tactical media campaigns and other forms of activism are peaceful and nonviolent we will support your actions when they are in line with the fundamental principles of Op V.

Thank you for your interest and commitment!