Is the Worldbank Website Involved in a COVID-19 Coverup?

Not everything is what it appears to be and if you’ve seen or heard the recent rumor about the WITS website somehow being involved in a COVID-19 coverup then you know exactly what we are talking about.

Whoever messed up the data base of the WITS website, or whoever tried to punk COVID-19 conspiracy theorists… we don’t know. It’s a mystery for almost everyone one of us but the WITS website does have some serious issues that can be exploited very easily by LARPers, government agents and… well, anybody actually.

We’ve tried it and we will show it to you.

We used the following webpages for this experiment:

  1. Medical Diagnostic Test instruments and apparatus (902780):
  2. Medical Test kits (300215):
  3. Syringes (901831):

Go check the titles of these three pages…

Now compare them with the images below. We’ve changed the titles of all three pages. We included “(E201)” in the titles. E201 obviously stands for Event 201, the “high-level pandemic exercise” that according to Bill Gates never happened.

Now you can see for yourself how easy it is to fool people because someone else could do this too and then launch a new rumor online, claiming that Event 201 was planned all the way back in 2017-2018. Or they could also try to make you believe that, based on false information (as seen below), COVID-19 was secretly part of the Event 201 simulation.

To change those webpage titles we only had to add “(E201)” to the URL of each page.

So, the “syringes” page, with this URL

… is for the experiment

Here are the archived pages for our experiment:

We’ve seen the most ridiculous theories on Facebook and Twitter about this whole topic and we had some good laughs because many people will just believe anything that you show or tell them. Sadly, that includes ‘truthers’, who should know better by now.

Be careful out there guys. Information warfare can be very nasty! Stay focused.